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Asia Now the Second-Largest Plastic Surgery Hub

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 23, 2009

DAS035Extreme makeovers and dramatic transformations with the assistance of a plastic surgeon are no longer a U.S. phenomenon.

According to recent statistics, the multi-billion dollar industry of plastic, cosmetic and aesthetic surgery has been growing rapidly in Japan, China and India.

Marie Claire magazine points out that even though plastic surgery was banned in China until 2001, it is now a booming industry that brings in approximately $2.4 billion in sales every year. Plastic surgery spending in Japan tops $18.4 million per year, and India has also experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Together, these countries in Asia have become the second-largest plastic surgery hotspot in the world, second only to the United States.

Some experts believe that residents of Asian countries are trying to achieve a more westernized look with plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Demand for blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is high in China and Japan as it helps to create a more wide-eyed look. Liposuction is in demand in India as Hollywood movies and the booming Bollywood film industry promote a similar ‘thin ideal’ as the United States and Europe.

Extreme makeovers by going under the knife aren’t only a growing trend overseas. Dying the hair blonde or light brown, wearing blue-colored contact lenses and going tanning are some other new trends on the rise in Asia. According to the makers of the Freshlook colored contacts, Middle Eastern women and even Hispanic women overseas and in the United States are opting for color contacts because these allow them to express their originality and enhance their features in a fresh new way (Source:

For residents of the United States, going abroad for plastic or cosmetic surgery may also offer some advantages. Plastic and cosmetic surgery centers in Asia may offer more attractive prices on pricey procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation and facelift surgery.


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