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More Men Pursuing Plastic Surgery to Fix Figure Flaws

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 15, 2009

42-15181265Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures continue to be popular among women between the ages of 21 and 45 who want to look younger and improve their appearance, but recent surveys show that men may also be fueling demand for figure-correcting procedures.

According to a recent article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, many men are heading to the cosmetic surgeon for calf implants, liposuction to get rid of ‘man boobs’, square-jaw chin implants and even pec implants. They’re paying the high price tag for these procedures in order to achieve their ‘ideal’ figures, and for some, the procedures may help them improve their career prospects when searching for a job, or even secure their current position if they are competing with a younger crew.

Demand for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures has continued to dip in 2009 as more people tighten their personal budgets and aren’t so eager to spend thousands of dollars to improve their appearance. Still, cosmetic surgeons report they are seeing a steady increase in demand for more affordable procedures such as Botox, non-invasive cellulite reduction and a number of anti-aging procedures. For the male market, this equates to an increase demand for injectable fillers and ‘spot liposuction’ where only small pockets of fat are removed using the conventional technique – thereby costing much less than the full procedure.

According to David J. Arend, a mortgage lender who interviewed with The Philadelphia Inquirer,  “My field is competitive  and there are a lot of people who are younger…we all know the better-looking you are and the slimmer you are, the better chance you have to get business.”

In addition to dramatic changes in their appearance, many men are taking the time to indulge in male grooming treatments at day spas in the area. The male manicure and pedicure, the classic gentleman’s shave, and even back or chest waxing treatments are other options for men who want to look sharp and maintain their clean-cut looks.


One Response to “More Men Pursuing Plastic Surgery to Fix Figure Flaws”

  1. There is a strong emphasis on youth and looks in today’s society, more with women but there are definitely cosmetic surgeries that can help men too. Botox helps reduce wrinkles, liposuction to reduce fat, eyelid surgery to help your vision. These surgeries are appealing to both men and women.

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