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Report Shows 30 Percent Increase in Demand for Nipple Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 10, 2009

Inverted nipples are a common problem for many women, but only a few can afford to pay the high price of nipple correction surgery. Still, a recent report revealed by the Harley Medical Group of London that many women have been turning to nipple elevation surgery in the past 12 months. The Harley Medical Group points to a 30 percent increase in demand for nipple surgery in England, and experts suggest that celebrities such as Victoria Beckham are fueling the trend.

The sale of prosthetic nipples has increased steadily for the past year in the UK, and is still a popular procedure in the United States, although much less in the light of the recent economic downturn. Designer nipples could be the ‘next big thing’ according to Dr. Riccardo Frati, a cosmetic surgeon for the Harley Medical Group. Dr. Frati points out that until now, most women didn’t realize that they could change the shape and size of their nipples. Women would be willing to go under the knife to change the size of their breasts, but would not necessarily want work done on their nipples. With fashion trends leaning towards sheer t-shirts, blouses and tight-fitting dresses that may expose the shape of the nipple, more women may be interested in a mini-makeover of their chest so that they can sport the latest styles.

The cost of inverted nipple surgery, also known as nipple inversion or nipple reduction, typically depends on the complexity of the surgery and doctors fees. Many women get this type of surgery when they are getting breast implants so that they can achieve a complete transformation with just one visit to the doctor’s office. Others will need to undergo a separate surgery to achieve their desired results. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, but may require more sedation in some cases.


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