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Middle East Experiencing Plastic Surgery Boom

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 8, 2009

Abu Dhabi mosque and modern architecture 16129Even the wealthiest regions in the Middle East are experiencing the effects of the recession, but the state of the economy has done little for the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry in cities like Dubai. According to the Dubai Congress on Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine (DCAAAM), many men of Dubai are still heading to the doctor’s office for various surgical and non-surgical procedures. The most sought-after procedures for this group include male breast reduction, liposuction of the arms, and liposuction of the stomach. reports that Dubai is one of the leading markets for skin rejuvenation procedures, body contouring, hair care and facial rejuvenation for men and women alike. Total sales of procedures and treatments in this category come in at approximately $64 billion per year from Dubai alone.

Spokespersons from DCAAAM believe that they have in fact noticed an increase in demand for certain procedures during the recession, because for many, plastic and cosmetic surgery does serve as some form of therapy by increasing self-confidence and providing some hope for a better future. Local advertising for procedures, as well as a steady increase in demand by patients across all income levels, are some of the factors contributing to a plastic surgery boom in the Middle East.

In the United States, the figures aren’t quite so attractive. Many surgeons and medical professionals across the country are reporting much lower-than-average sales for most procedures compared to previous years, but there has been a steady increase in demand for more affordable treatments such as Botox, skin resurfacing treatments and non-surgical cellulite and fat reduction procedures. Patients who cannot afford to pay for their surgery out of pocket often turn to patient financing options or a personal loan.

Still, in countries like Dubai where the majority of the population is relatively wealthy, the recession seems to be fueling a stronger demand for pricey procedures.


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