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Dr. Anil Shah Proves Botox Treats Acne

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on July 4, 2009

42-15545422Botox has long been the ultimate wrinkle cure for those who want to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead or say goodbye to crows feet, but one doctor has proven that Botox injections can also effectively treat acne.

Chicago plastic surgeon Anil Shah, M.D. has treated approximately 100 patients at his practice to reduce inflammation of the pores and stop the overproduction of sebum that often causes severe acne breakouts and cysts. He injects botulinum toxin directly into the skin so that the pores are ‘frozen’ and therefore cannot produce any more oil. This slows down oil production and may help reduce the rate of acne breakouts.

According to the report in Medical News Today, the technique itself is fairly difficult. The muscle under the skin is only 1/25th of an inch thick, so Botox must be injected only on the very top layer of the skin in order to work on acne breakouts. Going any deeper would result in a partial paralysis of the facial tissues, the same effects that result from injecting Botox into the forehead or around the eyes.

Dr. Shah has published the results of his works in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, and continues to offer it at his practice for patients who have not had any success with Accutane, antibiotics, light therapy or other types of acne treatments.

The most immediate effects of Botox for acne is a reduction of oil production throughout the treated area, and even a shrinking of the pores. As the skin becomes more stable and healthier, it can then heal naturally and become more resilient. The natural healing of the unhealthy pores and skin tissues also helps reduce the risk of inflammation and acne breakouts.

Dr. Shah is one of the few doctors in the country to offer Botox treatments for acne, but more doctors may soon be joining him so that patients have more options for achieving clearer skin.


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