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Sonya Dakar Launches Innovative Anti Aging Skincare Line

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on June 29, 2009

sonya-dakarThere are now hundreds of anti-aging skincare products on the market, and the multi-billion dollar industry continues to grow at a rapid pace as more people join the quest for the fountain of youth.

Major brands in the industry continue to create innovate facial products such as serums, creams and vitamin-infused gels that promise to reduce wrinkles and improve the texture of the skin. Sonya Dakur is one of them, a high-end skincare and makeup company that now boasts a complete anti-aging product line.

Sonya Dakar has introduced the UltraLuxe anti-aging collection that features spot-lightening treatments, moisture-infusing products and serums that promise to ward off the signs of aging. Most recently, MINDYS Cosmetics, the maker of Sonya Dakar Skin Care, has added a hand spot lightening and firming with SPF 30, and a neck and décolleté firming and spot lightening cream with SPF 30 to reduce the appearance of sun spots, and make the skin appear firmer and stronger.

Both of these products, and several other products in the UltraLuxe anti-aging skincare line, are designed to plump up the skin and lighten the complexion to create a natural, more youthful glow. Sonya Dakur products are infused with a combination of antioxidants and natural extracts that sink deep into the skin and help promote a healthier complexion.

These anti-aging treatments are supported by several research studies, and participants in the studies report a “dramatic decrease in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” However, they may not be as effective as some of today’s cosmetic wrinkle treatments. Some of the active ingredients that may play an important role in achieving results include SYN-AKE synthetic snake venom, grape seed extract, and organic pomegranate that is rich in antioxidants.

Other innovative anti aging products in the Sonya Dakar lineup include the Retinol Renewal Serum, Oxygen Eye Cream, Youth! Serum, and Hydrasoft Cream. Most products in the anti-aging line are priced between $69 and $155 per bottle.


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