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AMA Questions Value of Hormone Therapy as Anti-Aging Solution

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on June 28, 2009

CB107593Hormone therapy as an anti-aging solution has entered the mainstream market in the past decade, and treatment options are readily available at medical spas and wellness clinics across America. As part of their quest for the fountain of youth, many people are turning to hormone replacement treatments and bio-identical hormone therapy that promises to slow down the aging process and improve health overall.

However, the American Medical Association has started to take a closer look at this $50 billion industry, and is now suggesting that many claims made by anti-aging ‘clinics’ and centers that promote hormone replacement as an anti-aging treatment option are not supported by sufficient evidence.

The AMA’s 543-member House of Delegates, along with the AMA Council on Science and Public Health, recently convened in Chicago in early June to discuss the issues around anti-aging treatment options. There is currently no formal policy or statement made by the AMA regarding anti-aging therapy, and some physicians even warned that there may be several dangers involved with using hormone replacement therapy as an anti-aging treatment.

Anti-aging treatment specialists contend that they do not, and cannot, promise to stop the clock or reverse the aging process, but that hormone replacement treatments can help to improve and maintain optimal health.

In some cases, the treatment options fall under the category of medication, which means that there need be substantive trials and research behind all of the claims.

For now at least, anti-aging treatment centers and medical spas touting the benefits of hormone replacement therapy have the freedom to prescribe and promote almost any type of treatment they wish. However, it is up to the consumer to consider the potential benefits and drawbacks of their treatment plan, and understand that these treatments are not currently approved by or formally supported by the American Medical Association.


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