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Plastic Surgeons Review Suzanne Somers’ Procedures

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on June 18, 2009

Suzanne Somers is 62 years old and has worked hard to maintain her youthful appearance. She owns an anti-aging product empire with a lineup of books, fitness videos, fitness equipment and nutritional supplements, and works with several world-renown brands to promote bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and other natural youth-promoting regimens.

According to a recent article on, Suzanne Somers’s looks may not necessarily be the result of all the products she promotes. Dr. Sherrell Aston, Dr. Jennifer Walden, Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. David Shafer recently interviewed with Make Me Heal to discuss the possibility that Suzanne Somers has had plastic and cosmetic surgery to enhance her looks.

Dr. Jennifer Walden believes that Miss Somers has used fillers to create more fullness in her cheeks. Dr. Sherrell Aston believes that Suzanne Somers may have even had a facelift, blepharoplasty and lip injections. Other doctors contend that the star has definitely had Botox to get rid of crow’s feet, and lip augmentation to achieve plumper, youthful-looking lips.

Suzanne Somers has neither confirmed or denied that she has had any ‘outside help’ to achieve her youthful look, and experts are still debating whether her youthful appearance is the result of the products she promotes, or the result of cosmetic and plastic surgery interventions.

Somers’ current lineup of anti-aging products includes LifeExtension bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, Somersize diet programs that promote weight loss and healthy skin, the SUZANNE beauty product line, and a facial ‘lifting’ device designed to combat fine lines and wrinkles and promote a healthier appearance.

Although none of the products Suzanne Somers promotes have been endorsed by medical doctors or anti-aging specialists, her anti-aging empire of products is among the top selling products on the consumer market. Still, experts warn that she is promoting these products without a medical license or professional references, and may not necessarily be achieving her youthful look without cosmetic intervention.



2 Responses to “Plastic Surgeons Review Suzanne Somers’ Procedures”

  1. Are you serious – I am so not an expert and Suzanne has definitely had work done……and like everyone else, she looks weird…..sorry. Natural would look much better. Doesn’t say much for Restylyn, botox…….or the doctors who perform the procedures

  2. Alice said

    In 2006, she clearly states on Larry King that she has Botox treatments twice per year. Given her age, I think she looks good.

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