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Zerona Laser Promises Weight Loss without Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on June 10, 2009

If a few pounds of body fat around the thighs, hips and stomach aren’t responding to diet or exercise, liposuction may not be your only option. While liposuction does offer permanent fat removal, there are several risks involved and the procedure can be very painful. The Zerona laser promises ‘painless liposuction’ with its innovative technology. It was approved by the FDA five years ago, and has slowly become a popular non-surgical treatment for those who want to get rid of body fat without surgery.

The Zerona laser works by melting the fat cells and breaking down fatty tissues from the outside. The energy of the laser is powerful enough to break down only fatty tissues, so none of the surrounding tissues and cells are traumatized. It’s important to note that the Zerona laser is a cold laser that uses energy waves to emulsify the fat; this means there is no risk of burning or scarred skin that is often the case with heat-based lasers. The procedure is designed to be a body-sculpting and contouring procedure, and the manufacturers of the laser claim that patients do not need to worry about any downtime.

The Zerona laser was recently featured on “The Doctors” TV show.  Dr. Alan Bauman of the Bauman Medical Group in Boca Raton, Florida is one of the first surgeons in the United States to offer this procedure. His website claims that the procedure is 100% painless, and patients require about six 40-minute treatments over the course of two weeks to see a difference. There is no pain, swelling or needles involved, and the procedure can be performed on the neck, back, knees and arms.

You can learn more about the Zerona laser with this clip from the Channel 10 News in South Florida:


14 Responses to “Zerona Laser Promises Weight Loss without Surgery”

  1. Serena said

    Thank you so much for writing about Zerona! If we can answer any questions you have or if you want to see the scientific studies behind how Zerona works, check out If I can ever be of assistance, please let me know!

  2. Hana said

    Would you please sent me a list of clinics used the new treatment “Zerona” for body fat free in London -UK?

  3. lucylynam said

    Can you please let me know if you can get Zerona in the UK?

  4. Dave said

    Is this Zerona Laser procedure done in Ottawa Ontario Canada ??

  5. Luis said

    I have read a lot of reports that Zerona is little more than a scam.

    • @Luis, Many people (physicians included) do not understand what expectations to have with Zerona. You might want to try reading the results of the double-blind, randomized, multi-site, sham-controlled, clinical trial that was published in the peer-reviewed medical literature in which the inch-loss due to Zerona was proven to occur. Sincerely, Dr. Alan Bauman; Zerona in Boca Raton Florida.

  6. lahgibbs said

    Could this be used to cure fatty lumps like lipomas too? How would something like this compare to fat reducing injections like lipodissolve?

  7. scotty said

    I wish that it were true, but alas, it is a scam enriching those that tout its effectiveness. The double-blind, randomized, multi-site, sham-controlled, clinical trial THAT WAS SPONSORED BY ZERONA was published in the peer-reviewed medical literature, however when one examines the methods involved (letting the Zerona Company Investor handle the raw data before it was compiled) wreaks of corporate corruption and influence. I have personally tested “low level LED lasers” in my clinics without noting ANY effects. I treated the Left side of volunteers bodies for the maximum treatment recommendations and noted NO differences. Of course I didn’t charge my patients for this, but a small part of me really wanted it to work. No complications, no pain, but alas, no results. Yes, I believe it is a scam. Practitioners and sleazy clinicians realize that even ineffective or sham procedures will still have 30% of patients see improvement, 30% think it doesn’t work, and 30% undecided. So even sham treatments have a 30% improvement rate, so ir you don’t make waves, you can get rich from these numbers. Dr. Alan Bauman should publish his results or partner with a reputable medical school and prove this with a true RCT without data manipulation by Zerona hired guns.
    My clinic is Pier Laser Med Spa, an evidenced based practice that currently does not treat cellulite or perform Thermage skin tightening.
    (I would like to see a study comparing thermage to physical minor trauma, such as slapping the skin, which is low tech and cheap, and can make wrinkle smoother, also.

    • @Scotty, You have a pretty strong opinion, and interesting ‘spin’ especially since it seems you did not follow the published protocol (hips, waist and thighs). There actually is absolutely NO way to spot-treat with Zerona. Treating just the left or the right side would be nearly impossible, since the laser scanner covers quite a large area. Did you receive the training from Erchonia on the protocol? 20min front, 20min back, every other day for two weeks. Measure the circumference before and after and take photos. We’ve treated hundreds of patients successfully with Zerona device and recommended protocol since 2008. Our data, which I presented at a medical conference in Vegas in the Spring of 2009 (more than twice the # of patients than the published clinical data, in fact) was almost identical in terms of average inch-loss for each anatomic area. Not every patient reaches the ‘average’ but that is the definition of ‘average’… some above, some below. Also, the device consists of five rotating laser diodes, not LEDs and I’m not sure who you are referring to regarding the “Zerona Company Investor”? The pilot study and the follow-up study was certainly funded by the manufacturer, Erchonia–which is how the vast majority of medical devices get tested. The blinded studies have been reviewed by the FDA and accepted, the mechanism of action is clear and patients are certainly not imagining the fact that they’ve lost dress sizes, fit into smaller jeans, or that their abs are more visible in just two weeks. Sincerely, Dr. B.

      • Inge said

        Dr. Bauman can Zerona Laser reduce Lipomas since they are a collection of fat pockets in simple terms.

      • @Inge, I would guess theoretically ‘yes’ although I am not familiar with any scientific data on the use of Zerona LLLT for Lipomas. This would be a great question for Dr. Ryan Maloney who has helped develop and research the technology.
        Just an aside, it’s amazing looking back now over more than two years of treatments with the Zerona (we rec’d the Zerona unit in Boca Raton Florida back in 2008). Hundreds of patients successfully treated! My advice, stick with a healthy regimen of nutrition, activity and our ‘secret’ success tips, and you will do better than the average in terms of inch loss.
        Sincerely, Dr. B.

  8. An Dau said

    I would agree with Alan, we are using the Zerona here in the UK in our clinic in Edinburgh and are seeing great results with a mixture of nutrition and lifestyle changes and the patients agree.

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