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Permanent Makeup Becomes In-Demand Cosmetic Enhancement During Recession

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on June 3, 2009

42-16546623Even though many people are skipping the liposuction or breast implants this year in order to save money, others are turning to more affordable cosmetic treatments in order to improve their looks. Permanent makeup is quickly becoming a popular option during the rough economy, and is helping both men and women achieve a more youthful appearance without extensive surgery.

According to a recent article in The Daily Telegraph of Australia, women in particular are turning to temporary tattoos that create the illusion of bold features such as perfectly-shaped eyebrows or pink lips by embedding colored pigment right into the skin. The procedure creates a more muted look than a traditional tattoo, and allows many people to enhance or create several features on the face.

Permanent makeup only requires a topical anesthetic, and healing can take up to two weeks depending on the type of tattoo. Many people achieve a more youthful appearance by enhancing their eyelids with permanent eye liner, or creating the illusion of fuller, younger-looking lips by filling in the lips with a shade of pink or red.

Some cosmetic tattooists say that these types of treatments can provide a boost of self-confidence, and in some cases, can take up to a decade or more off a person’s appearance.  Permanent makeup is now another quick-fix option for those who don’t want to undergo surgery in order to improve their looks.

Still, this treatment is not without its risks. Those who pursue a permanent makeup ‘makeover’ should only work with a licensed cosmetic tattoo artist, and preferably someone with several years of experience in applying permanent makeup. The treated area must be protected from the sun for several months after the treatment, and even more so during the healing period. In some cases, a touchup treatment or series of treatments may be needed to achieve the best results.


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