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Expert Explains Taboos of Cosmetic Procedures on ‘Authors Radio Show’

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 31, 2009

LoisSternCoverLois W. Stern, the author of the book, “Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery” recently appeared as a guest on the Authors Radio Show to discuss some of the taboo subjects about plastic and cosmetic surgery, and educate patients on the importance of researching the surgeon’s experience before going under the knife.

Ms. Stern talks candidly about many taboo topics including the attraction some patients feel towards their plastic surgeons, post-surgery sexuality and feelings that often go unaddressed, and the many emotional undercurrents associated with the plastic surgery process.

The book, “Sex, Lies and Cosmetic Surgery” is in its second printing and covers several emotional and physical elements associated with plastic and cosmetic surgery. Ms. Stern provides a comprehensive guide for patients who are considering going under the knife; this includes checklists, quizzes, charts and also addresses common questions and answers associated with selecting and working with a plastic surgeon.

Some people overlook the importance of conducting in-depth research about a surgeon or practice, getting a recommendation from local patients, and reviewing before and after photos of the surgeon’s work when they are considering cosmetic surgery. However, no surgery can be perfect, and there are several inherent risks involved with even the simplest procedures. In addition to the physical risks, Ms. Stern encourages people to think about all of the emotional and social ramifications of their surgery.

Ms. Stern says, “I think it’s important for people to understand how cosmetic surgery can impact relationships in our daily lives, in the workplace, in our social interactions – even in the bedroom. There are many good reasons to consider cosmetic surgery. However, there are just as many bad reasons to consider having this surgery.” (Source: Press Release 5.19.09)

The radio segment will be running on the Authors Radio Show Radio program through November 7, 2009.


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