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“Real Housewives” Star Undergoes SmoothShapes Cellulite Treatment

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 27, 2009

RealHousewivesOCVALaunchApr09The SmoothShapes cellulite treatment is one of the newest non-invasive cosmetic procedures available in the United States, and has steadily gained popularity among women who struggling with unsightly cellulite on their thighs, buttocks or stomach.

Most recently, a star of the hit TV series “Real Housewives of Orange County” headed to the plastic surgery office to undergo a series of SmoothShapes treatments.

Jeanna Keough says she was becoming self-conscious about the cottage-cheese appearance of her skin, especially for pictures and close-ups on television. She’s been turning to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Los Angeles to take advantage of the benefits of this cellulite reduction treatment, and improve her figure.

SmoothShapes is one of the few non-invasive cellulite treatments that can help reduce inches and smooth out rippled and dimpled skin. It works with a combination vacuum device and laser heat energy that pulls up and stretches the skin and tissues, stimulates circulation, and strengthens the skin tissues overall.  This proprietary technology is much more effective than standard cellulite body wraps, creams and full-body massages that claim to reduce cellulite. The intensive massage action of SmoothShapes can be very effective for body contouring, and may also be beneficial for those who have undergone liposuction and are looking for an effective skin tightening treatment.

Although SmoothShapes cannot get rid of cellulite permanently, it can help to tighten and smooth out the skin so that the treated area appears more toned and firm. SmoothShapes cellulite treatments are backed by over seven years of research and clinical trials, and the procedure is currently available at several medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers around the country.

In a recent press release about Ms. Keough’s treatments, the TV star says she “feels much more confident in her body.”  An upcoming episode of Real Housewives will feature Jeanna talking about her SmoothShapes experience, and show off her results.


3 Responses to ““Real Housewives” Star Undergoes SmoothShapes Cellulite Treatment”

  1. skingenesishayley said

    We have just received the first SmoothShapes cellulite treatment machine in the UK at our clinic, SkinGenesis in Chester, and we have to say our customers have been booking appointments very quickly and so far the results look extremely promising. It’s great that a star like Jeana Keough can say that it has actually worked for her, because there are so many treatments and creams out there that simply don’t make a difference. SmoothShapes is definitely different and well worth a try!

    Feel free to visit our blog at:

  2. skingenesishayley said

    We are the first UK clinic to have received the SmoothShapes cellulite machine and so far the results look very promising!

    SkinGenesis in Chester has seen many of our customers flocking to try the treatment after it has had so many great reviews in the USA, especially being endorsed by one of the Real Housewives! We’re just glad we can now offer it to everyone in UK.

    Here’s a quick tip: The results can be far more noticable 30 days after the last treatment, so be sure to give it chance!

  3. Sherry said

    We are the first in Houston to offer SmoothShapes medical laser for cellulite and fat reduction! We have had successful clients since 2008 and are the only medispa with the most advanced protocols for non-invasive cellulite and fat reduction for the past 9 years! Call for a special rate when mentioning this website.

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