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Anti-Aging Skincare Line Made with Replica Snake Venom Challenges Botox

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 26, 2009

n_ject_image_lInstead of heading to the doctor’s office for a Botox fix or other dermal filler treatment that can zap away wrinkles, many people resort to skincare products made with natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, alpha lipoic acid and collagen extracts, to plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

A new product made with replica snake venom has recently entered the market, and is one of the first skin-care lines in the world that promises to freeze fine lines and wrinkles by reducing muscle contractions under the skin.

This is essentially what dermal fillers such as Botox and Dysport are designed to do, but this skincare line does not require injecting compounds into the skin tissues. The product is instead applied directly onto the top of the skin and absorbed through the pores.

The product was developed by Brynja McGrady and Deborah Flattery, and is called Miracle Hydrate. It contains the patented Innovenom compounds, that are a replica of snake venom of the exotic temple viper. This synthetic viper venom was duplicated from the Malaysian Temple Viper’s venom, and is marketed as the newest Generation 6 peptide. The treatment has been named ‘Best Botox Alternative’ in Switzerland, and is available in five different formulations that combat various effects of aging.

Miracle Hydrate contains several anti-aging ingredients including hyaluronic acid, a natural skin-tightening and moisturizing agent, kombuchka, and the free radical fighter hydrolyzed algin. The proprietary treatments are a mixture of serums and moisturizers that are designed to improve the texture, tone and clarity of the skin, while reducing or eliminating the signs of wrinkles.

Miracle Hydrate products are currently available online, and retail for $40 to $120 per bottle, depending on the serum or moisturizer. The N ject Line Elimination Serum is priced at $120, and is the revolutionary product that promises to freeze the skin, slow down the aging process, and eliminate lines and wrinkles with the proprietary neuropeptide blend.


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