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Vibration Assisted Liposuction Promises Better Recovery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 24, 2009

CB102535Some of today’s advanced liposuction procedures involve using heat to break down the fat before extraction, and using ultrasound technologies that tighten the skin during the procedure. Another innovative liposuction procedure is promising ‘high definition sculpting’, and offers several benefits and advantages over conventional liposuction procedures.

Vibration Assisted Liposuction (VAL) involves the use of a cannula that is activated by air pressure, which then helps extract the fat very easily. This reduces the risk of damage to the surrounding tissues, and may be especially effective for patients who only need to get rid of fat in small areas such as the love handles, inner thighs or underarms.

Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medspa in Dallas, Texas recently talked about the benefits of Vibration Assisted Liposuction, and explained that the procedure causes decreased discomfort and promises a better recovery rate for most patients.

Since there is very little trauma to the skin, the procedure may cause less pain and bruising overall, making it a far less risky procedure than some of today’s fat removal options. Dr. Johnson is also credited with introducing Vibration Assisted Liposuction to the United States.

VAL is performed under anesthesia, and the vibration frequency effectively releases endorphins, which further help to minimize pain and discomfort. Patients rarely feel anything throughout the procedure, and will already be recovering rapidly after the treatment, so any extensive pain will not be experienced.

Dr. Johnson says this particular technique is very effective for abdominal procedures and trimming down the waistline, because the surgeon can easily sculpt the tissues and create more definition in this difficult area. He also says this type of liposuction is beneficial for men who often have layers of fibrous fatty tissue that does not emulsify easily with heat-based procedures such as SmartLipo or Vaser Liposelection.


One Response to “Vibration Assisted Liposuction Promises Better Recovery”

  1. Helen said

    Isn’t VAL very dangerous or did I misunderstand something?

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