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Dr. Stephen Greenberg Hosts Cosmetic Surgery Fashion Show in NYC

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 21, 2009

Dr. Stephen Greenberg, a world-renowned plastic surgeon based in New York City hosts a weekly radio show about the latest procedures and cosmetic surgery news, and recently hosted a cosmetic surgery fashion show at the Glo Nightclub to put the spotlight on some of the latest ‘after’ results.

Dr. Greenberg  is also the author of the book, ‘A Little Nip, a Little Tuck’, an insider’s guide to cosmetic enhancement, and sells a signature line of skincare products called ‘Cosmetic Surgeon in a Jar.’ The New York plastic surgeon specializes in face lifts, liposuction, breast augmentation and dozens of other sought-after procedures, and serves both the Long Island and Manhattan areas.

The cosmetic surgery fashion show held in NYC was designed to highlights his work, give people a chance to see the realistic, natural results of his procedures, and learn more about Dr. Greenberg’s practice. Highlights of the show included successful ‘Mommy Makeovers’ where recently-pregnant moms underwent a head-to-toe transformation with the help of liposuction, breast augmentation and body lifts that help to get rid of excess body fat and tighten up the skin; ‘Divorce Packages’ for men and women who want to freshen up their looks after a divorce; and other customized packages that have made Dr. Greenberg famous.

Dr. Greenberg spent some time talking about the latest news in cosmetic surgery, encouraging people to consider ‘recession-busting’ treatments such as Botox and other nonsurgical procedures, and also offered some tips and advice for prospective first-time patients. A discount of 10% off all non-invasive procedures from Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery in Woodbury was offered for attendees.

The show was a benefit for LI cares, a local charity that helps fight hunger. The event took place at Glo Nightclub on Merrick Avenue in Westbury, New York on Thursday, May 14.


One Response to “Dr. Stephen Greenberg Hosts Cosmetic Surgery Fashion Show in NYC”

  1. Melisa Olsen said

    Hello, I watched SKINTYTE PROCEDURE in Doctors Show. I think that is the one i’d interested for saggy skin. I would like to know what would the price be charged for a session. I know it changes according to the area of the body. I am interested the face, neck and arm. Thank youin advance for your answer.

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