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L’Oreal Labs Researching Effects of Stem Cells for Wrinkle Treatment

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 16, 2009

j0202076While biologists, genetic scientists and dermatologists continue to study the genetic triggers that are responsible for the aging process, some researchers are finding innovative solutions for treating skin and literally turning off the aging gene.

Researchers at L’Oreal labs have been studying the effects of adult stem cells and how they affect the skin’s aging process. Recent studies suggest that stem cells may be the missing link to the fountain of youth.

Jacques Leclaire, Vice President of L’Oreal’s Life Sciences Division in Clichy, France and a biochemist, recently stated that “Stem cells are at the origin of regeneration of skin, so it’s important to understand how they behave during the aging process.”  (Source:

Leclaire and his team of scientists have been working on a line of products that protect the cells from environmental damage, and keep the stem cells functioning at their optimal level. Healthy stem cell functioning may play an important role in reducing the effects of aging, and the stem cells can help with cell renewal process.

Researchers are also trying to find out when the optimum time to use certain beauty products throughout the day is, and what types of treatments can effectively trigger collagen production.

Collagen-producing treatments already exist at cosmetic surgery centers and medical spas around the country, and many take the form of laser and heat treatments designed to damage the tissues deep under the skin’s surface.  Over time, this helps with cell regeneration and helps the skin recover and heel. The increased collagen leads to firmer, tighter and more youthful-looking skin, better elasticity, and a significant reduction in wrinkles.

Tests are still being conducted on topical products that could have similar effects, but stimulating stem cell activity could become one of the most effective treatments for aging skin.


One Response to “L’Oreal Labs Researching Effects of Stem Cells for Wrinkle Treatment”

  1. Paul said

    Rejuvenating the skin is all well and good. But until you address the problem of LOSS OF FACIAL VOLUME… you’ll never duplicate a truly youthful looking face. We lose facial fat, muscle and bone as we age. Adipose stem cells from a person’s own fat has been shown to rejuvenate bone, muscle and fat in the face. But it has to be deeply injected. No cream is gonna solve that problem.

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