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Survey Says 80% of Breast Implants are for C-Cups

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 11, 2009

j0441030A survey published in the March/April issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal suggests that more than 80% of breast implants performed for only cosmetic surgery purposes, are for a C-cup, or a 300 to 400cc size.

Many women who undergo breast augmentation choose at least one or two cups larger than their natural size to ensure that the outcome appears natural.

Choosing the right size is essential for creating the right look and silhouette, and is one the most important decisions made during the procedure selection process.

Surgeons who want to create a natural look typically use saline implants because these are easy to implement, and have fewer risks than silicone implants. According to Dr. Rod Rohrich and Dr. Edward Reece who recently led a study on the types of materials plastic surgeons prefer to use, 60% of surgeons use saline implants, and the majority prefer to use saline for first-time patients. Results of the survey were recently revealed to members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and results indicate that saline is still the favored choice, regardless of the low risk of having the implant ‘burst’ or migrate to another part of the body.

Other important considerations when selecting breast implants is the texture of the surface, and the shape of the implant.  Many doctors offer both smooth and textured surfaces as an option for patients, since the textured surface typically creates a more natural look, while smoother surfaces create an artificial appearance.

Different types of patients have different needs; for example, models may prefer a smoother implant because these look better on camera and will maintain their round shape.  Textured implants may be more appropriate for women who just want to enhance their figure and balance out their silhouette.

Whatever the case may be, studies suggest more women are interested in increasing their breast size to a C-cup, regardless of the type and shape of implant that is used.


One Response to “Survey Says 80% of Breast Implants are for C-Cups”

  1. I think C is the best size you can choose. D is too big, and B is too…normal:) I think surgeons should recommend the best size to their patients, because it depends on the silhouette too.

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