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Doctor Promises Painless Lipo with Anesthesia Cocktail

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 10, 2009

42-15627085One of the most common reasons why people refrain from undergoing liposuction or other types of plastic surgery is the pain involved.  Doctors often need to use general anesthesia to numb the entire body during the procedure, and patients need to take painkillers and other drugs to manage the pain during the recovery process.

However, one doctor claims that he can help patients get the fat removal treatment they need, without enduring pain.  He promises to take away a few inches from the waistline without scarring, and with little to no pain with a unique anesthesia ‘cocktail’ he’s developed.

Dr. Iacob Marcovici claims that his patients need “about two days and they are back to work. Two days and they are back to the gym.”

How does he do it?

Dr. Marcovici uses a special technique and local anesthetic.  He makes small holes or punctures in the skin, and inserts very small needles into key areas where the fat will be extracted from.  The needles are used instead of a scalpel that often causes excessive scarring. These holes can then be used to extract the fat, and the small scars created from the punctures heal up very quickly. Since there are no extensive incisions involved, the skin does not need to be prepared with saline and other fluids that are used in the conventional liposuction procedure to limit damage to the surrounding tissues and blood vessels.

The doctor uses only local anesthetic to perform the procedures, so the patient is comfortable and doesn’t feel a thing as the procedure is performed. The doctor has named this technique ‘no pain liposuction’, and promises patients that they can resume regular activities within a few days.  This technique is very different from today’s innovative procedures including SmartLipo and VASER, and other doctors may soon follow suit.


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