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Medical Spa Accused of Offering After-Hours Treatments

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 8, 2009

j04389991Medical spas typically operate during standard business hours, and some will take evening or weekend appointments by request. Since medical spas are usually privately owned businesses, the owners of the business can offer any type of treatment at their discretion.

A medical spa in Nevada is currently being sued by a former employee, because the employee claims the owners were performing discounted cosmetic surgery services for special clients. The employee currently says that the couple began offering discount services after hours.

The charges against Dr. Charles Vinnik and Nancy Vinnik, a nurse and doctor who run the medical spa together, suggest that the couple was using the spa as a clinic for other surgeons who wanted to perform breast implants and other pricier cosmetic procedures at a discount. One of the nurses reports that the clinic was brining in up to $30,000 per night with these ‘after-hours’ specials.

The Vinnik’s lawyer states that “the couple would never risk their medical licenses for “chicken feed”…they would also be taking a stupid risk”.

Las Vegas Now Eyewitness News reports that Charles Vinnik and his wife are both retired, and the story first appeared in January when the Vinnik’s were charged with conducting a cash-only operation at the clinic. Recently, reports suggest that the doctors were not alone, and as many as 20 doctors and nurses were offering their services by sharing equipment and managing their own sales on a cash-only basis. According to former patient Anna Bella Giorgione, many people were spending between $200 to $2,200 for pricey procedure such as lip augmentation, Botox and chemical peels. (Source:

So far, the Vinniks have declined to comment about the case and the charges, but the case is being taken to court.


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