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FDA Approves Dysport for Wrinkle Removal

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 7, 2009

If you’ve been thinking about getting Botox to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and freshening up your look, there may soon be another option.  Drugs such as Reloxin are undergoing clinical trials and are almost ready to appear on the market, and the FDA has recently approved Dysport, another wrinkle-reducing drug that could be the biggest competitor for Botox.

Dysport is co-developed by Ipsen SA and Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation. The FDA has approved Dysport for both therapeutic and aesthetic use, and works by blocking muscular movement in the treated area, without causing adverse side effects. Jonah Shacknai, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Medicis, says that “Medicis and Ipsen have been diligent in their efforts with the FDA to achieve this goal. Dysport was evaluated for treatment of glabellar lines in robust clinical studies, which included approximately 2,900 patients at more than 80 clinical study sites.” (Source: Reuters)

The most significant benefits of Dysport over Botox is that there are very few risks involved, because the toxin does not affect any parts of the body outside of the injection site. Ipsen plans to launch Dysport for the treatment of cervical dystonia earlier this year, and it will then become available as an anti-aging treatment – most likely in the second half of 2009.

Shipments of Dysport are expected to begin within the next 30 days, and Dysport will be available within about 1-2 months at most anti-aging and medical offices; it will also be priced slightly less than Botox, possibly making it an attractive option for those who are looking for more affordable cosmetic procedures.

Consumer research experts say sales of Dysport could easily outdo Botox in the oncoming years, especially since the FDA has ordered that Botox must be marked with a blackbox warning that presents the risk involved with botulism poisoning.


One Response to “FDA Approves Dysport for Wrinkle Removal”

  1. skinexpert said

    Make sure your practitioner is used to treating with Dysport. The dosages are completely different and it has a much wider diffusion span than Botox. Sue Ibrahim

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