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‘King of Botox’ Comments on Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on May 1, 2009

The ‘King of Botox’, also known as Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh, has a long list of celebrity clientele who head to this dermatology office for their Botox fix and other anti-aging treatments. Dr. Sebagh has recently been in the spotlight after working with supermodel Cindy Crawford to promote the ‘Meaningful Beauty’ skincare line. Dr. Sebagh also has has own anti-aging skincare line that includes a set of medical-grade treatments to slow down the aging process and improve the quality of the skin.

In a recent interview with a Russian TV news reporter, Dr. Sebagh claims that 90 percent of the celebrities he sees have had some form of cosmetic surgery or treatments. Dr. Sebagh claims that he is ‘under contract’ and could not disclose the names of the celebrities that he has treated, or who he knows that has had a cosmetic treatment. However, he does point out that Cindy Crawford is one of the few who has not had any work done. Ms. Crawford has publicly stated that she “doesn’t feel the need for it”, and has not had Botox from Dr. Sebagh, or plastic surgery of any kind.

Dr. Sebagh has very specific criteria for the types of patients he works with. He explains that he does refuse patients when needed, because he wants to work with patients who are between 30-35 years of age, and the patient must understand the process of ageing and be realistic about the results they can achieve. He says as a doctor, he has to respect his patients, and doesn’t think that celebrities ‘go public’ about their enhancements because they are usually bound by contracts that prohibit any type of promotion of beauty products – including Botox.

Dr. Sebagh’s anti-aging line includes repair serums, exfoliating masks, sun protection cream, firming body creams and eye-enhancing products. More information about Dr. Sebagh’s skincare line can be reviewed here.


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