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Trilexon Approved for Cosmetic Market

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 29, 2009

CB005062If you’ve been prescribed a topical drug or ointment to take care of burns, scars and other skin conditions, your doctor may have used laser devices and other equipment to improve the rate of absorption in the skin.

A new delivery system has become available, and was recently approved for use in the cosmetic market. Trilexon skincare products help to increase the absorption rate of various skincare products so that the skin can react almost immediately to the preparation.

Trilexon is a registered trademark of Greyson International. In a recent press release, Harvey Tauman, CEO of Greyson International explains that “This is a very important step for us as we move forward from our developmental and research stage, into the marketing and sales stage for Greyson’s products and applications.” The company makes several health and beauty products, and the Trilexon system is one of the most innovative products to date. The company makes its own line of cleansers, anti-wrinkle creams, alcohol-free skin toners and collagen creams, as well as beauty ‘kits’ and skincare regimens specifically for anti-aging customers. The Trilexon system may help to improve the effects of these products.

Many people are required to wait several weeks, and even months before they see results with standard topical applications. Even medical-grade products require several uses before any effects can be achieved, and the skin needs to undergo its usual cell turnover and renewal process before the skin really starts to ‘take’ the ointment or product. Trilexon can help to speed up the absorption rates of standard products, thereby improving the overall cell turnover and renewal process.

The Trilexon system can be used with virtually any topical application or topical drug, and may soon become available at medical spas, dermatology offices, cosmetic surgery centers, and anti-aging/wellness centers around the country.

Source: Greyson International Press Release


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