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Expert Suggests Job Seekers Pursue Cosmetic Surgery to Influence Hiring Process

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 25, 2009

With the recession underway and thousands of people out of work, the job hunt has become more and more competitive. While a great resume, strong interview skills and a solid work history play a role in the interview process, looks still matter. Many cosmetic and plastic surgeons around the globe are finding that patients are hitting the doctor’s office to increase their chances of landing a job, and undergoing procedures on the ‘most affordable’ list – Botox, dermal filler injections, non-surgical facelifts, and even mini liposuction – just to increase their chances of getting a new job, or securing their current position.

A recent telephone study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) indicates that 73 percent of working women believe that their good looks help them climb up the corporate ladder quickly; 80 percent of working women agree that cosmetic surgery can increase self-confidence and self-esteem, making it much easier to perform better at the job (especially in ‘visible’ positions such as sales, marketing or PR), and to get another job quickly.

Dr. Stephen Greenburg, a plastic surgeon and author of the book A Little Nip, A Little Tuck says he’s also noticed an increase in patients who want to compete with younger professionals in the workplace and are pressured to look their best. Many workers turn to Botox jabs, laser facial rejuvenation, and minimally-invasive procedures to achieve their ideal look. Some can be performed over lunch hour, and are relatively affordable when compared to surgery such as facelifts or liposuction.

Still, experts say it’s still important to be cautious about the type of procedure being performed. ASPS President John Canady points out the importance of researching the doctor and making sure the practice has a strong track record of success. Working only with a board-certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon may also reduce the risk of a botched procedure.


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