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50-Year Old Mom Pays Over $20K to Look Like Her Daughter

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 24, 2009

cunliffe-daily-mailHow much are you willing to pay to knock off a few decades from your appearance?

Janet Cunliffe recently underwent a complete cosmetic makeover to get a slender figure, toned legs and an hourglass shape that her daughter would be envious of. The price she paid? $20,000.

In a recent report by The Daily Mail, Ms. Cunliffe wanted to look like her daughter, Jane Cunliffe; in order to do so, the 50-year old woman needed to undergo extensive cosmetic and plastic surgery to make her eyes as crinkle-free as possible, augment her lips, and finally achieve her coveted hourglass figure.

Jane Cunliffe, the daughter, says she thinks her mother ‘looks better than Madonna at 50’; however, she was upset that her mother wanted to go through with such an extensive operation, and was worried about the potential side effects, risks and problems associated with the makeover.

Still, Jan Cunliffe emerged from surgery with success; she had everything done overseas, and returned home with several bandages and bruises. After a few weeks and months of healing, she was ready to face the world – and her daughter – with her new appearance.

Many people now say they can’t believe the two are a mother and daughter, and that they look more like sisters – especially since Janet also colored her hair and now wears the same dress size as her daughter. She dropped three dress sizes with liposuction and body contouring, lost all creases and wrinkles in her face, and finally achieved an hourglass figure.

In this case, the transformation hasn’t just taken a few years off Jan’s appearance, but it’s made her into a spitting image of her own daughter. Ms. Cunliffe spent nearly $20,000 to achieve this image, and she says that she’s very happy to have done it and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.


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