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Injectable Drug Could Prevent Scars After Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 20, 2009

j0321088One of the biggest drawbacks of undergoing facelift surgery, liposuction or other procedures that involve extensive incisions, is the effects of scarring.

The level of scar tissue that develops on the skin during the healing process varies significantly by individual, and most cosmetic and plastic surgeons will encourage patients to take supplements and eat certain foods before and after the procedure to reduce the effects of scars. However, researchers are currently testing a new drug that may help reducing scarring when administered during the procedure.

The scar prevention drug is called “avotermin”, and is designed to be injected right into the wound sight before and after the incision is made. The cuts from the surgery may be able to heal faster, and without leaving behind darkened, pigmented skin.

The drug is made with a synthetic cell-signaling agent, and results from the tests and studies show that it significantly improved the appearance of scars. Researchers who published the results in The Lancet, also pointed out that the treatment reduced the chances of the scars becoming raised lesions or settling above the skin, and could be hidden more easily. During the trials, varying doses of avotermin were injected at the wound site before and after the injury; the scars were assessed on a 100-point scale, and researchers concluded that avotermin successfully reduced the density and thickness of the skin that causes scarring, thereby reducing the appearance of scars significantly.

To date, scar removal procedures consist of laser skin resurfacing treatments, and in some cases, collagen or dermal filler injections. These procedures can only be administered after the entire healing process is complete, and in most cases, will not get rid of the scars completely. Anti-scar topical treatments made with collagen, Vitamin E and other natural ingredients may also help with scar formation, avotermin is the first drug in history that can prevent scars from developing in the first place.


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