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Queensland Woman Sues Practice for Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 11, 2009

j0404952Even though cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures now use the latest technologies and advanced equipment, there are still a risks involved with even the simplest procedure.

Doctors and medical spa directors are required to inform and educate patients about potential risks and side effects, but it is ultimately up to the patient to make the decision to proceed with their procedure.  Unfortunately, the outcome isn’t always what the patient would have hoped for.

A 51-year Old mother from Cairns, Australia recently underwent a facelift but the surgeon did not perform the procedure correctly.  The woman was left with unbalanced features and she cannot close her eyes properly.  She’s now filing a class action law suit against the surgeon, and has found that she’s not the only victim of botched surgery by the same clinic.  According to The Cairns Post, the woman is devastated about the disfigurement she now has to deal with after a simple facelift procedure.

She says she spent nearly $20,000 for a facelift and neck lift, and ended up looking much worse than before the procedure. She isn’t alone.  Several women who have had procedures at the same surgery center ended up with disfigured bodies.  One woman had breast implant surgery and the implants started to move into a different position during her recovery period.

The women who had the botched facelift further explains that she had originally intended to just go in for a neck lift.  The doctor had suggested she get the facelift that would get rid of bags under her eyes, but the surgery left here with an exposed lower lid and excessive scarring under her eyes, around her chin and behind her ears.

The doctor who performed the surgeries is working with an attorney to defend the work, and denies any wrongdoing.  The case is being taken to court by a law firm in Brisbane.  (Source:


One Response to “Queensland Woman Sues Practice for Botched Cosmetic Surgery”

  1. p said

    Plastic surgery has risks and there are no guarantees. Each patient signs a waiver so I am always amazed when someone sues because they didn’t get the results they wanted.

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