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Job Seekers in China Resort to Plastic Surgery

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 10, 2009

j0438968While recent trend reports in the United States show that some people are turning to cosmetic surgery to secure their jobs in this rough economy, job seekers in China are picking up in the strategy.  A recent story in the Los Angeles Times points out that the cosmetic surgery business is booming in China as the labor market becomes more competitive.  Job hunters who are looking for their ideal employer are taking big steps to perfect their looks in hopes of landing that new position.

A report from Shanghai suggests that college graduates in particular are turning to procedures such as eyelid surgery that creates a more ‘Westernized’, wide-eyed appearance.  Many believe that looks play a very important role in the job hunt, and even though an employer won’t openly admit that they pick candidates based on looks, the beauty standard does exist in this society.

Just like the United States, cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance, so the individual has to fork over the high price for their procedure from their savings account, or charge it to their credit card.

However, recent statistics show that many job hunters are eager and willing to do just that;  doctors around China are reporting as much as a 40% increase in demand for procedures.  At one particular plastic surgery hospital, a team of 10 doctors performed a total of 100 procedures in a single day. (Source:

Some of the most sought-after procedures in this market include:  eyelid surgery; facelift and facial sculpting procedures; and rhinoplasty (nose jobs). Hospitals have been surveying patients to glean some insight on why the patient is undergoing a procedure.  In most cases, the patient says it is related to their job; many people feel that they have a stronger chance of survival in the competitive labor market when they look more attractive.


2 Responses to “Job Seekers in China Resort to Plastic Surgery”

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  2. I know that the job market is rough but I think cosmetic surgery is just a little over board.

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