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Malaysian Woman Dies After Liposuction

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 4, 2009

A 30-year old woman from Malaysia recently passed away during a follow-up procedure for liposuction surgery.  The woman weighed between 50-53 kg before she started the liposuction treatment, and had received 14 treatments in total since December 2007.  A police spokesman told the China Press the woman lost consciousness shortly after being injected with anesthetic. When she was given the anesthetic before starting her last procedure, she began vomiting and could not be resuscitated after passing out.  The effects of the liposuction procedure and subsequent surgeries were simply too much for her body to bear, and the woman died at the clinic within an hour.

According to the woman’s husband, she had been complaining about some pain in her hip after her previous procedure, and was returning to the doctor because her stomach had also started to hurt.  She had been taking painkillers for about a month to manage the pain, but then decided to return to the doctor for additional surgery. The doctor was supposed to perform surgery to remove some thread left in her abdomen from a previous procedure.

The beauty parlor in Kuala Lumpur that the woman was going to does have a license and has been offering liposuction procedures for over a year.

The National Population and Family Development Board’s Reproductive Division of Kuala Lumpur has already made public statements  about the risk involved with liposuction procedures, and points out that if the treatment is not performed properly, the liquidized fat can go to the brain and cause a stroke.  The treatment in Kuala Lumpur is currently only available at private clinics and medical centers, and experts point out how important it is to review the track record of theses centers in order to minimize risks and accidents. (Source: Yahoo! Malaysia News)


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