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Stem Cells Used for Breast Enlargement

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on April 3, 2009

j0433128While many women are still waiting for natural treatments for breast enlargement, researchers are studying the effects of stem cells for growing breast tissue.

Stem cell therapy for ‘natural breast enlargement’ has become available in Britain for the very first time and promises to increase the cup size and reduce belly fat.  Stem cells are extracted from extra fat in the stomach and thighs, and then used to grow healthy-looking breasts.

Trials of the stem cell procedure first began in the U.K. as a way to repair breast tissues after cancer.  The testing showed very impressive results, and the procedure will now be made available to all women who want to have larger, natural-looking breast.

According to Professor Kefah Mokbel, a breast surgeon at the London Breast Institute at the Princess Grace Hospital, patients will be able to undergo this procedure as early as May 2009. The procedure will cost roughly the same as conventional breast implants in the United States, but the breasts will appear more natural, softer and fuller because they are made with the woman’s own body tissues. The cells are extracted from the woman’s body fat in her thighs and stomach, and then mixed with another batch of fat before being injected into the breasts.  Results are not instant; the breasts will begin to grow over a few months, and then reach their full size and shape after several months.

One of the drawbacks of this procedure is that the breast tissue will not make breasts appear perkier; the soft tissue will simply increase the size and volume of the breasts, and the patient may notice that their breasts are still very soft – not firm.  However, the increase in size may be attractive enough for many patients to undergo the procedure.


4 Responses to “Stem Cells Used for Breast Enlargement”

  1. Dr. Noor Hashim said

    I want to know the detail of this procedures done on the patient that needs the treatment for breast enlargement through stem cell and what are the side effects that can happen to the patient.

  2. Jackie said

    How soon are we going to see this treatment ready for healthy women?

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