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Plastic Surgery Hits Peak Season in Florida

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 29, 2009

j0438376As the country embraces the warmer days of Spring and counts down to Spring break or summer travels to tropical climates, getting the body into beach-ready shape is becoming a top priority.

Florida continues to be one of the top destinations for cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments, and doctors in Tampa Bay and other cities in the sunshine state are reporting a marked increase in demand for procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation and body reshaping.

Dr. Jeremy Beneditti, a Tampa Bay plastic surgeon, reports an increase in patient consultations for breast and body enhancements in February and March each year.  Spring is generally a good time to undergo a procedure in preparation for summer, especially since most people need a few months of recovery time before they can hit the beach and lay out in the sun. (Source: eMediaWire press release)

According to Dr. Beneditti, breast augmentation patients need to set aside at least three weeks for partial recovery of the muscles; liposuction patients, especially those that undergo ultrasound-assisted liposuction or laser assisted liposuction, generally heal faster.

Body reshaping procedures that do not involve surgery typically do not involve any downtime; patients that undergo VelaSmooth and VelaShape body contouring procedures, mesotherapy or carboxytherapy, an innovative cellulite treatment, can return to work – or go on vacation – within days of their treatment.  However, many body reshaping programs require a series of treatments before full results can be achieved.  This is another reason why now is ‘peak season’ for many; beginning a treatment program now means the body will be in beach-ready shape well before summer.

Tampa Bay,  Miami, Orlando and St. Petersburg are among the top cities with plastic surgeons that have been recognized nationwide. While the economic climate is still looking grim for many doctors in the area, many are offering patients attractive financing options so that patients can get the surgery they want this season.


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