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Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 25, 2009

pricedocIf you’ve been thinking about plastic or cosmetic surgery, researching costs and reviewing payment plan options is usually a top priority.

The cost of a procedure can vary significantly depending on the location of the doctor’s office, years that they have been in business and the doctor’s overall track record.  Doctors set their own fees, so there is no ‘bottom line’ price for most procedures. launched recently to offer help for patients looking for the best deal on the market. has called it the “Priceline for elective medical services” because it uses a bidding model to determine the price the customer will pay. allows visitors to select from dental, medical, vision, cosmetic, med spa, chiropractic and Allied Health procedures and treatments, select their zipcode, and find out where they can get the lowest price in their area.  IT’s a free online service that matches up prospective patients with qualified healthcare providers.’s business model raises the question of ethics and fair pricing in the realm of cosmetic and plastic surgery.  The company hopes to help people reduce the costs of medical, dental and elective surgery procedures by disclosing pricing from several doctors in the patient’s area.  The service is currently only listing doctors and pricing for Washington state, and it will take time for its sales team to branch out into other states and gather relevant data.

Searching for the best price is an important part of the research process, and sites such as list prices for patients from all around the country.  A quick search on this site allows patients to review national averages and the price range of a specific doctor.  Though patients cannot bid on the best price here, they do have the advantage of finding out the doctor’s range, reviewing his or her profile in detail and learning more about the practice.


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