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World’s First Oxygen Bar Now Offering Anti-Aging Supplements

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 24, 2009

liquid-oxygenLiquid oxygen therapy has been deemed the ultimate anti-aging solution for many people who want to follow a natural path to health and wellness. Oxygen depletion is the leading cause of wrinkles and can speed up the aging process; people who are not inhaling clean and pure oxygen form their environment, drinking enough water or exercising vigorously to deliver oxygen to their lungs are often at risk for premature aging.

The O2 Spa Bar in Toronto, Canada has been touting the ‘oxygen mantra’ for nearly 12 years and has become a trendsetter in the field of oxygen therapy and wellness.

The bar is the first in the world to offer liquid oxygen therapy products and treatments, and claims that a good dose of oxygen is the best solution for curing insomnia, headaches, acne, fatigue and even jet lag. Some customers claim that the oxygen products can also help with weight loss and detoxifying the body from inside out.

Liquid oxygen is a concentrated form of oxygen and used as a drop in drinking water or beverages. Each formula has different uses; some are designed to relieve stress and anxiety, stimulate the metabolism or help the body release lactic acid buildup after a workout. Liquid oxygen is designed to optimize many of the body’s natural processes, and the 02 Spa Bar has introduced a lineup of anti-aging supplements to target specific concerns of baby boomers and those who are noticing signs of premature aging. This lineup of formulas is designed to increase energy, reduce stress and clear up the skin. The newest formulas may even be able to tighten and firm up the skin, clear up the complexion and protect the skin from environmental toxins.

02 Spa Bar products are available for purchase online, and through distributors around ht world. The supplements are readily available at international airports, luxury hotels and health foods stores, and are available in female, male and gender neutral formulas. (Source: 02 Spa Bar)


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