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LATISSE Eyelash Treatment Launched in LA

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 22, 2009

latisse eyelash extensionsDark, full lashes are the epitome of beauty for many women, especially those that want to draw attention to the eyes and maintain a youthful appearance.

Eyelash extensions and wearing false eyelashes have been the best beauty solutions to date, but the FDA recently approved LATISSE, an eyelash extension drug that lengthens lashes by accelerating the rate of eyelash growth. The first treatment was recently made available at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, a plastic surgery office in Los Angeles.

In a recent press release, Dr. Grant Stevens, a board certified plastic surgeon and Medical Director of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates explains that “LATISSE is simple to apply and actually encourages darker, thicker, longer eyelash growth. At Marina Plastic Surgery we are excited to be one of the first practices to offer this unique, new product to our patients.”

LATISSE is a non-invasive treatment made with bimatoprost, the active ingredient. This ingredient is derived from natural fatty acids which promote regrowth of the hair follicle after it has been damaged. When applied to healthy lashes, the result is a rapid growth rate. Results of studies with LATISSE have been promising, with minor side effects such as redness, itchiness or swelling from an allergic reaction.

Patients who are eligible for the treatment must apply LATISSE daily with a special applicator, tracking along the base of the upper eyelids as if they were applying eyeliner. Most people see results in as little as 4 weeks, with full results achieved by the 16-week mark. However, results can only be maintained with ongoing use; patients will need to keep applying LATISSE to sustain their fuller, thicker lashes.

LATISSE may also be linked to unwanted side effects such as darkening of the skin in the treated area, conjunctival hyperemia, macular edema, and unexpected hair growth in areas around the eyelid. The drug is available by prescription only, and candidates must be tested for allergies before the treatment can be applied.


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  1. james said

    Dr Fouad Melamed is now offering free evaluations in los angeles for Latisse. Only a competent eye doctor can evaluate the health of your eyes to make sure you are a candidate for Latisse. Latisse costs $120 a month ($100 a month with 4 months purchase).

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