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Janice Dickinson Admits to Spending $100K to Fuel Cosmetic Surgery Addiction

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 20, 2009

janiceCelebrities are always in the spotlight for jumping into the latest cosmetic surgery trend, and some stars have risen to fame without a single nip and tuck.

Janice Dickinson isn’t one of them.

This celeb recently admitted that she has spent over $100,000 for plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures, and may even have a plastic surgery addiction.

She has deemed herself the first real supermodel of the world, and has done everything possible – with the help of world-renown plastic surgeons – to maintain her youthful looks.

Janice Dickinson is 53 years old. She says she flies out to Dallas every six months to get Botox, collagen injections and other procedures that tighten and tone up her skin and help zap away a few years. (Source: .

For some fans, Janice Dickinson’s cosmetic surgery habit is excessive but justified. In her younger years, this supermodel was one of the world’s most beautiful people and modeled all around the world for print ads, commercial spots and magazine covers. Her naturally full lips, symmetrical face and youthful features, coupled with her dark hair and eyes made her a standout beauty during the ‘70s and ‘80s. Fast forward thirty years, and most of her youthful features have disappeared completely.

Janice admits to a full suite of services at the doctor’s office; she has had breast implants, tummy tucks, neck lifts, facelift surgery, Botox, liposuction, lip plumping treatments and more. Much of her ‘work’ was necessary to restore her looks from her partying days. She admits that her celebrity lifestyle once involved lots of cocaine and alcohol.

Drugs and alcohol tend to speed up the aging process, which is why Ms. Dickinson may now need plastic surgery each year or a cosmetic fix every few months.

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