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Botox Linked to Lower Risk of Depression

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 19, 2009

j0438543Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting enough sleep and staying positive continue to be the prescription to better health and lower risks of depression, but recent research in Europe suggests that a quick Botox jab could also give your mood a boost.

A study presented at the annual conference of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors suggests that many people who get Botox not only fill out their wrinkles, but also enjoy an improvement in well-being and relief from depression. The wrinkle filler has helped many people increase their self-confidence, and makes it nearly impossible to project a negative mood by frowning.

Candidates who get Botox in the forehead – the most common use for Botox – can no longer frown because the muscles are paralyzed.

Since they can no longer share their negative mood in physical form, many find that the feedback they get from friends and coworkers is much more positive. Ultimately, being unable to frown makes it much more difficult to sustain a bad mood.

Botox may also give the person’s self-esteem a boost, and help them become more confident in a social setting. This again makes it difficult to sustain a low mood and may help alleviate symptoms of depression for the long run. Cosmetic treatment clinics and surgery centers in the U.K. are reporting an increase in demand for Botox and other injectables, despite the poor economy.

In the United States, Botox is still the most sought-after nonsurgical cosmetic procedure for men and women. Botox can be administered in areas besides the forehead; it has been used as a facial filler to tighten sagging skin around the cheeks and neckline, and can also be used in the armpits to stop sweating.

Individuals who are suffering from low self-esteem or experiencing the symptoms of depression may be good candidates for this wrinkle reducer that promises multiple benefits.


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