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Botox Helps Treat Teeth Grinding in Stressed Business Men

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 9, 2009

CB017642Excessive teeth grinding can be triggered by stress and anger, but can also become an unconscious habit that then leads to several mouth and jaw problems. For those who cannot break the habit of teeth grinding on their own, Botox may be a convenient and effective solution for eliminating unnecessary neck and jaw pain.

Researchers in England report that many men between the ages of 35 and 45 are enduring a significant amount of stress during the rough economic times, and teeth grinding has become a serious problem for many. The solution for these stressed-out males is to head to the doctor’s office for a Botox injection that helps relieve jaw tension and pain associated with excessive teeth grinding.

A recent press release from Transform, the largest cosmetic surgery group in England, reports a 50% increase in British men having Botox to relieve pain and discomfort that results from stress-induced teeth grinding. Those who are experiencing lock jaw, aching facial muscles and overall discomfort in the jaw and upper neck areas may benefit from a Botox injection that causes the muscles to become relaxed and disengages unconscious jaw movements.

After a consultation with a Botox doctor, patients undergo a quick Botox treatment in key facial compartments around the neck and jawline. Muscle tenderness and soreness typically disappear immediately, and any wrinkles in these areas can disappear just 48 hours after the injection. ‘Chewing muscle discomfort’ disappears for as long as four months, but results may last longer when the muscles atrophy.

Botox can now help problems with temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and jaw tension problems, reducing the risk of headaches and tightened muscles around the neck area. In addition to treating teeth grinding and TMJ problems, Botox has been administered to get rid of wrinkles, reduce arm pit sweating; relieve prostate pain; and for easing migraine headaches.


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