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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Expected to Reach $15.1 Billion by 2012

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 3, 2009

42-15545611Whether it’s a quest to find the fountain of youth or the drive to try the latest anti aging procedure, Americans continue to fuel the growing demand for cosmetic and plastic surgery.

A new report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. forecasts demand for cosmetic surgery procures to reach $15.13 billion by 2012. More people are already jumping onto the Botox bandwagon and booking treatments for dermal fillers, despite poor economic conditions. These procedures are affordable and effective, and most also offer instant results for those who want to freshen up their look for a special event.

According to a recent press release about these trends, injectables represent the most promising growth area, as consumer demand increases and researchers continue to unveil new, innovative products. In 2009, Evolence received FDA approval and has since been incorporated into several facial rejuvenation procedures and ‘liquid facelifts’ around the country. Companies that are expected to push out new products this year and next include: BioForm Medical, Artes medical, DermaMed USA, Allergan, Mentor, Medicis Pharmaceuticals and Genesis Biosystems.

Botox is expected to be the leading dermal filler on the market, followed by dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and standard collagen fillers. These fillers have proven to be effective for getting rid of wrinkles, tightening up the skin and making the skin appear more resilient and youthful. While results are temporary and individuals need to get touch up treatments to maintain their youthful look, some doctors are offering discounts for touch-up treatments and package incentives to help patients better manage overall costs.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc. conducted a market analysis for the following key procedures: breast implants; Botox; abdominoplasty (tummy tucks); facelifts; liposuction; rhinoplasty; laser hair removal; laser skin resurfacing; chemical peels; microdermabrasion; and several other surgical and non-surgical procedures. More details about this report can be viewed here.


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