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Cosmetic Surgeon Imposter Jailed for Practicing Without License

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on March 1, 2009

A track record of botched operations, excessive scars after surgery, and poor client service by a doctor in Weston, Florida raised concerns that eventually led to an arrest. Gregorio Nosovsky earned his medical degree in Mexico but did not hold a United States license to perform cosmetic or plastic surgery. However, that did not stop him from performing several surgeries and operations for patients looking for a tummy tuck or breast implants at his Weston plastic surgery center.

Several patients reported that their skin and tissues were literally destroyed after surgery, and that they were left with very bad scars. The doctor had performed the surgeries at the Advanced Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Weston, and identified himself as a ‘doctor. ‘

When authorities were sent to the scene, they found business cards with ‘Dr. Nosovsky’ printed on them, but when questioned about malpractice, his attorney implied that procedures were performed by either Nosovosky’s brother, Isaac or licensed colleagues at the center. Since the patients are under general anesthesia for the surgery, there is no real way for any of them to confirm that Nosovsky was the doctor who carried out the procedure. However, many report that they met with the ‘doctor’ in person before the surgery, and that he wore a white lab coat and acted as if he was the surgeon. Ultimately, the doctor misled the patients into thinking that they were in safe hands, and would be receiving treatment from a qualified, experienced surgeon.

Gregorio Nosovsky is currently serving a 65-month federal sentence for health care fraud, and pleaded guilty earlier this year for a third-degree felony. The judge handling the case is also demanding that Nosovsky will need to pay restitution to all the patients that had been victims of surgery that were performed unethically.

Experts reiterate the importance of reviewing surgeon credentials and conducting in-depth research about every surgeon and procedure. A poor track record can be identified with online research, and determining if the doctor has testimonials available that can support his practice and work.



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