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Syneron Introduces LipoLite Laser Assisted Liposuction

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on February 27, 2009

lipolite-systemLiposuction continues to be one of the most sought after procedures by men and women of all ages, and is an effective, permanent solution for losing a few pounds of excess body fat. Over 550,000 body contouring treatments are performed each year in North America, and demand is expected to increase to more than 33 million treatments by 2010.

There are now several different liposuction techniques and advanced treatments available, and every cosmetic surgeon uses his or her own strategy for getting rid of body fat with as minimal trauma and scarring as possible. Laser assisted liposuction is one of the latest innovations for permanent fat removal, and Syneron Medical, an innovator in the development of the elos ™ combined energy medical aesthetic devices, has recently introduced the LipoLite Laser system.

The LipoLite Laser Liposculpture procedure combines tumesecent liposuction with an advanced laser technique that allows the surgeon to melt the fat significantly before extraction. This gives the plastic surgeon more control voer the procedure, with the potential of producing more precise and effective results.

Laser liposculpture may be particularly effective in body contouring procedures where only a few ounces of fat are to be removed. The LipoLIte device promises minimally-invasive treatment specifically for destroying fat cells and coagulate tissues. Key features of the device include: pulse energy that gives the surgeon more control over the intensity of the laser; and photo-thermal energy that helps destroy adipose tissue within seconds. LipoLite liposuction can be performed on delicate areas of the face, and larger parts of the body.

Syneron is launching a set of training courses for physicans to understand exactly how the LipoLite system works, and how they can integrate it into their practice. The training program is being launched as part of a partnership with the American Academy of Cosmetic Physicians (AAOCP), an organization of physicians and researchers who focus on clinical training, safety and protocol for new procedures.

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