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Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon Introduces Portrait 3D System

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on February 18, 2009

Simulation software and imaging programs have become a popular feature of cosmetic and plastic surgery consultations around the country, and more patients are lining up to have a ‘what if..’ moment before going under the knife.  Dr. Steven Schuster, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Boca Raton, FL is taking the lead with ‘simulation consultation’ services by introducing Florida’s first Portrait 3D system.

The Portrait 3D software program uses image capture and simulation technology to transform the patient’s face or body on a computer screen so they know exactly what they will look like after the changes.

The program is configured to use both volumetric and linear measurements to create a 3D image of the patient’s body right on the computer screen.  The doctor can then examine both the patient and the virtual image to ‘perform’ the proposed surgery.  Dr. Schuster specializes in breast augmentation, facial rejvenation, and body contouring procedures, which are some of the most extensive cosmetic procedures available.  Previewing the results gives both doctors and patients a chance to be realistic about outcomes of the procedure, and consider different options depending on the patient’s goals.

According to a recent press release about the unveiling of the Portrait 3D system in Florida, Dr. Schuster states: “I have already found that consultations have become more interactive. Many of my patients express anxiety about the implant size before breast augmentation and being too small or too large after the surgery. By seeing the simulation of the implant sizes on their own bodies in advance of surgery, I find my patients have much greater peace of mind.” (Source:

Three dimensional visualization and computer imaging programs may also help the doctor create a ‘blueprint’ of the procedure so that they can fine-tune their techniques and get better results.  This process is especially valuable for breast augmentation patients who want to experiment with different implant sizes before surgery.

The Portrait 3D System has also been featured on The Drs. television show; a brief clip about the system can be viewed here:


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