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Isis Cosmetic in Tampa Closes Its Doors

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on February 16, 2009

isis-logoIsis Cosmetic Medical Centers of Tampa abruptly closed its doors earlier this month, much to the surprise – and disappointment – of area clients.

The center was one of three chain cosmetic surgery centers that offered some of today’s most sought-after procedures including SmartLipo, VASER Liposelection, Botox and Juvederm.

Services at these centers are performed by a Board Certified Surgeon, and clients receive a customized consultation when they want to improve their appearance.

The Isis Cosmetic center in Tampa closed without notification to patients and employees, leaving many patients with an open schedule after appointments had already been booked – and paid for.

Tampa Bay News immediately reported that customers and reporters who tried to call the office were left without any answering services and no pick-ups.  Experts warned that customers who had already paid for cosmetic procedures upfront could do very little if the company went out of business.

The Tampa location opened in January 2007, and was the first to offer the SmartLipo procedure. Joseph Zolton, the founder of Isis Cosmetic, is reportedly preparing a program for patients who had already paid for their surgery; however, patients may need to head to Miami or St. Petersburg to get their treatment. is where patients can learn about different tretaments avaialble, and set up a consultation with a doctor and ‘Dedicated Personal Care Coordinator’. The site still lists the Tampa Clinic location at 2815 West Virginia Avenue, but patients who call the toll-free number will be redirected to the main office.

Zolton explains that the unforseen clsoing ‘is completely unacceptable’ and that he ‘can’t imagine the despair, anger and anxiety that these patients are feeling’ (Source:

Patients in Tampa still have a number of cosmetic surgery centers to choose from outside of Isis Cosmetic.  The attraction of going to this medical center over a private doctor may have come down to cost and convenience.  These centers offer flat-fee Botox treatments for $300, and also offer the CareCredit and ChaseHealthAdvance patient financing programs for those who want to make monthly payments for surgery.


8 Responses to “Isis Cosmetic in Tampa Closes Its Doors”

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  2. Zolton said

    There needs to be a clarification on this article. I am Joseph Zolton, the founder of Isis Cosmetic. HOWEVER, I sold my portion of Isis and moved on to building another company way back in June of 2008. I was and am NOT in anyway associated with the recent events that have occured at Isis Cosmetic. Since my departure from Isis last June, I have built another company, Imago and when I learned of the unfolding events, I am offering to help these unfortunate patients at my clinic Imago Cosmetic. Please clarify this to your readers. Thank you, Joseph Zolton

    • Sharon W said

      I spoke with Dr. Zolton recently & after listening to him, I truly believe he is being honest and forthright. I am waiting on a response from Chase, the finance company to which ISIS referred me to for financing. I have been clearly advised by legal counsel that although ISIS is ultimately responsible to reimburse those of us who got stiffed, that any finance company should have done their ‘homework’ and thus, should eat some of the monies they paid to ISIS. I have submitted a full and final proposal to the Chase and again, waiting on their acceptance. With so many of us left out in the lurch with ISIS, a class action suit would be the best idea. So, if you are so inclined, feel free to jump in the group with me and others. Thank you. I will watch this site for repsonse(s).

  3. Sharon W. said

    I have not received all my office visits nor the post treatment ultra sound therapy.
    Dr Palin and Jennifer Moseley told me that the Dr would perform the same procedure in the same area at no additional charge due to the fact that the first ‘time around’ did not produce results I was happy with. Dr Palin is fabulous. He as well as the entire staff are great and they were not provided any notice by Isis. They came to the office on a Monday morning and the doors were closed on them too. I arrived for a follow up examination one afternoon to find the doors locked. Fortunately I have Dr Palin’s telephone number and he is the one who said he nor the rest of the staff had any idea. He knew the company was bringing in a superb volume of business and has no idea why no one was provided a warning, etc. I have filed a grievance against the company who financed me that I was referred to by the staff and will obtain retribution. But God only knows how long that will take.

    So, I am starting to petition for a class action suit. I surely know there must be many others who were ‘left out in the cold’ while Isis took our cold hard earned money and failed to even pay the staff ……..

  4. Sharon W. said

    Please contact me via e-mail @ if you are another person who was left without services rendered completely, properly or never received services for monies you have paid to ISIS.

    I will be glad to join you in a class action suit against ISIS

  5. Anita O said

    Dr. Eleanor Barone is a fraud. She should be disbarred! She didn’t have Mobic on her list of drugs that I should have stopped. She saw the drug on my list and said nothing. I even asked her assistant if I needed to stop any of my drugs and she said “no”. Because of this, Dr. Barone had to stop the lipo before it was completed and now I am left with a mess on my stomach and midriff. I would love to start a class action suit, but more than that I would like to make sure Dr. Barone can never perform another operation again. I would also like a competent doctor to please come forward and finish the botched up job Dr. Barone did.
    Anita O

  6. John D said

    Dr. Rott aparently was on staff just long enough to have performed the smart lipo on me and before long was no longer part of the staff. I was left with botched results not acceptable to my expectations, the staff’s, and even Doctor Barone who had advised me she would perform a corrective procedure. Now I’m left with a lumpy abdominal area thats worse than before smart lipo!

    I just want to have it corrected but if need be I’ll join in a class action as well. Wonder if a malpractice suit is in order against Dr. Rott AND Isis Cosmetic?

  7. Sharon W said

    Has anyone taken suit against Isis yet…?

    So many of us got totally ripped off, it is a crying shame.

    Thousands of dollars out of our pockets and not one damn way to seek restitution on their part….

    please rsvp someone ….

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