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SonoSculpt May Be Future of Non-Invasive Liposuction

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 26, 2009

battle-of-the-bulgeMillions of Americans continue to struggle with the battle of the bulge, but diet and exercise may not be the only solution for getting rid of excess pounds.

Innovative liposuction techniques that do not require extensive surgery are on the horizon, and the FDA is conducting several studies and tests to bring technologies such as SonoSculpt and UltraShape to the United States.  SonoSculpt is one of the latest non-invasive lipoplasty procedures that promises to zap away fat and smooth out the skin without a single incision.

The procedure has been developed by LipoSonix and works using ultrasound technology to ‘melt’ the fat beneath the skin.  SonoSculpt works by emitting high-energy ultrasound beams directly into the fatty tissue so that the fat breaks down within minutes.  The dead cells are then excreted body through the body’s natural elimination system, and the entire treatment does not affect the surrounding tissues.

SonoSculpt has been in its testing phase for several years, and it is still unclear how effectively the procedure can remove all fat cells completely.

According to LipoSonix CEO Jens Quistgaard, “It’s not clear exactly where the fat goes after ultrasound jolts it loose. LipoSonix and its medical advisers believe the body’s immune system responds to the disrupted site, digests some fat cells and deposits others into the bloodstream. Other fat cells may migrate to other body parts, while others are excreted.” (Source:

Still, SonoSculpt is joining forces with UltraShape as a potentially beneficial alternative to liposuction.  UltraShape has earned mass appeal in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Western Europe and may also soon find its way to the United States.  UltraShape also uses ultrasound technology to break down fat cells and tighten up the skin; the procedure has not yet received FDA approval, but Americans do have the option of traveling overseas to receive the treatment.


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