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India Could Become Top Medical Tourism Destination in 2009

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 12, 2009

indiaAs the western world adjusts to the impact of the economic recession and curtails extra expenditures, countries in the Middle East and Far East are finding new opportunities to promote products and services.

According to Dr. KM Kappor, the Head of Department of Cosmetic Surgery at Fortis Hospital in Mohali, India;

“Recession and economic slowdown is less likely to hit the Indian cosmetic surgery market as this market is still in very early phase of growth and will take at least a decade to reach the saturation level considering huge Indian population. Unlike markets of developed economies, India will continue to have more cosmetic surgeries and non surgical cosmetic procedures in 2009.” (Source:

People who had once considered medical tourism, or cosmetic surgery overseas have been putting their ‘makeover vacation’ on hold until the economy shapes up.  However, destinations in India, Thailand and other locations in the East are offering very attractively-priced packages for those who still want to get their procedure in 2009. Anti aging procedures such as neck lifts and facelifts, and liposuction procedures are some of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures in India, especially since they offer many a chance to achieve the ‘Bollywood’ ideal.  However, westerners can head overseas to many professional doctors’ offices to get their treatment at a fraction of U.S. or U.K. prices – often as much as 25 percent of the average.

Interested patients still need to conduct extensive research about their doctor and the location they will be getting surgery, and are cautioned to steer clear of offers that simply sound ‘too good to be true.’  However, there are still dozens of accredited facilities in India that offer surgery from plastic surgeons who have been certified in the United States.  The low prices and high quality procedures available may make India one of the top medical tourism destinations in 2009.


2 Responses to “India Could Become Top Medical Tourism Destination in 2009”

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