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Beauty Layaway Plans on the Rise During Economic Recession

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 8, 2009

piggy-bankIf you thought layaway plans were just another convenience from the retail industry, think again.

Cosmetic and plastic surgeons around the country are now offering ‘beauty layaway’ plans to attract patients and fill up their appointment calendars.  The tough economic times are making people more conscientious about luxury spending, getting breast implants or liposuction aren’t the priority purchases they once used to be.  However, those on a tight budget might be able to get their pricey cosmetic treatments with less of an immediate impact on the pocketbook.

Scottsdale cosmetic surgeon Semone Rochlin is one of several doctors who is setting up installment plans and downpayment plans to help patients get the cosmetic surgery procedure they want sooner than later.  These plans do not necessarily involve a credit check, and patients may not even need to resort to patient financing programs; the financial plan is simply a type of ‘savings account’ that a patient can set up for their procedure and pay back in monthly installments.  This secures their treatment schedule, and also allows the physician to book up several partially-paid procedures with peace of mind. (Source: Arizona Daily Star)

The economic downturn has had a severe impact on the plastic and cosmetic surgery industry; national statistics show that demand for procedures decreased over 60 percent in the first half of 2008, and fewer consumers are turning to once-popular procedures such a liposuction, breast augmentation and facelift surgery.  However, there has been a significant demand for alternative procedures and more affordable treatments; many people are turning to the ‘liquid facelift’ to get rid of wrinkles without surgery, or settling for cellulite reduction procedures to help improve their figures.

Still, those who are confident that market conditions will improve in 2009 can secure their procedure appointments with a layaway plan without penalties, fees and interest charges associated with credit cards, personal loans or patient financing programs.


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  1. Liondi Henriquez said

    I just want to know who are the Doctors which to the layaway plans.. pls let know……

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