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Consumers Warned to Steer Clear of Botox Specials Online

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on January 2, 2009

botox-cosmetic-type-aAs  consumers become pennywise shoppers and search for the best bargains online, settling for Botox may not be a safe purchase.  eBay is among many websites that has agreed to remove ads that feature Botox injections sold over the web – illegally – and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency is raising awareness about the issue so that other companies follow suit.

Buying prescription products and drugs over the web has become a difficult to regulate, and consumer regulatory agencies can help in reporting illegal practices and educating consumers about the dangers and risks associated with buying these items online.

Botox specials available from unknown sellers and entitites that do not ask for prescription information are  unders scrutiny by the MHPRA, but many make a quick sale and then shut down their website, avoiding any retaliation from the consumer or other entitities.  Buying Botox through an unknown vendor online can be especially risky because the drug can cause adverse side effects if it is misused.

Current advertisements and special promotions featured on websites such as eBay fail to disclose enough information about the product or seller, and also make it very easy for people to purchase Botox injections without a consultation.  Day spas that are not qualified to provide Botox treatments may also be committing a crime of offering Botox by purchasing the injectables themselves and then giving treatments at a very low cost.

Ultimately, the ability to purchase Botox over the Internet makes it a high-risk venture that can cause adverse side effects and severe health problems.  Many of the advertisements are disguised ads special coupons or vouchers for Botox sessions, but clicking through the ads leads to a shopping cart where Botox injections can be purchased directly.

Consumers are being warned to avoid these types of promotions and explore legitimate opportunities with an anti-aging specialist or cosmetic surgeon in their area.  A pre-consultation for Botox is mandatory, and ensuring that the doctor is qualifed to perform Botox injections can further protect the patient.


One Response to “Consumers Warned to Steer Clear of Botox Specials Online”

  1. Sue Ibrahim said

    I agree strongly with this comment. Prescription only medications should never be purchased over the internet an should only be administered by a properly qualified medical practitioner.
    elan medical clinic

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