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Bad Plastic Surgery Reports On the Rise

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 29, 2008

checklistBotched plastic surgery procedures continue to be a recurring trend around the globe.

In tough economic times when people are looking for an affordable facial fix, many turn to doctors that may not have the skills and experience needed to perform certain types of cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery procedures.

Tristan de Chalain, the head of the New Zealand Foundation for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery reports a surge of complaints about bad plastic surgery procedures in New Zealand and Australia.  Patients interested in getting simple treatments such as Restylane injections to plump up the lips are being offered a complete lip lift instead, and the result isn’t always positive.

Patients are complaining that they have been pressured to get surgery they otherwise did not want or need, and that the results have been far from perfect.

Tristan de Chalain says the problem can be attributed to ‘cosmetic cowboys’ who are simply taking advantage of vulnerable patients who want to look their best.   De Chalain says that many surgeons have the title of a cosmetic surgeon, but may not be registered with New Zealand’s Foundation.

Similar reports have been percolating in the United States.  Patients who report bad plastic surgery often learn that their surgeon was not board-certified and only had minimal experience in performing their procedure successfully.  In some unfortunate cases, the patient is unable to pay for fixing the surgery and must learn to live with the botched results.

The New Zealand Hearald reports that “One of the most shocking this year involved a dermatologist performing a breast augmentation.”

Patients are advised to conduct extensive research on their chosen surgeon and make sure they have seen the surgeon’s qualifications firsthand.  Deep discounts or sales on plastic surgery procedures should also raise a red flag; in many cases, the surgery may not be performed in a safe environment or using appropriate protocol.


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