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Near Total Face Transplant Performed in the U.S

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 27, 2008

A woman who had suffered from severe facial trauma recently underwent a near full facial transplant that restored all key facial compartments in her face and helped reconstruct her facial profile.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on an extensive facial transplant surgery that took place at a Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, helping to replace 80 percent of the patient’s face using a number of reconstructive and facial plastic surgery techniques.

The entire surgery took 22 hours to complete, and involved removing several parts of the face from a donor.  The donor’s nose, nasal sinuses, upper jaw, mid-facial muscles and skin were removed and attached to the woman’s face within 8-9 hours.  The surgeons then reattached the blood vessels so that blood flow could be restored.  The layers of the face were then repositioned and left to heal as the tissues began to reform.

According to Medical News Today, “The procedure was the largest and most complex face transplant “in the world” said a press statement from the Cleveland Clinic. It brought together different working parts of the face like the nose and lower eyelids, as well as different types of tissue such as skin, muscle, bone, blood vessels and nerves.”

The patient had undergone severe facial trauma that left her face completely disfigured.  Thie facial transplant has allowed here to achieve a normal and attractive facial profile and hopefully, enjoy a better quality of life with all of her facial features intact. The patient will be undergoing physiotherapy to ensure that she can smile, blink and breathe properly.

Victims of fire and burn accidents, physical assault and other serious accidents that result in disfigurement have options for restoring their face with facial transplants and a number of dermatology procedures. The near total face transplant performed for the woman in this case was the first of its kind to be performed in the United States.


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