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Spa Pampering Packages Help Breast Augmentation Patients Recover With Ease

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 14, 2008

spaBreast augmentation procedures such as saline or silicone breast implants, or breast lifts that require a significant amount of incisions and surgery can leave patients in recovery for several weeks and months after the procedure. Most breast augmentation patients receive a recovery plan from the surgeon where they are required to get a significant amount of rest, eliminate activities from the daily schedule and avoid wearing certain types of clothing so that the incisions and tissues can heal at a healthy rate.

Some plastic and cosmetic surgery centers are taking the recovery process one step further by arranging for spa pampering packages as part of the treatment. The ‘post-op pampering plan’ concept is taking off in the UK as more patients turn to breast augmentation to improve their figures and enjoy a boost of confidence.

Cosmetic surgeons are teaming up with area spas to offer luxurious ‘Indulgence Day’ packages designed to give patients a mini-makeover after surgery. According to Brand New You Magazine, These four-hour sessions include a facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow threading and a consultation with a professional hair stylist and makeup artist. The session allows patients to relax and enjoy their new bodies, and then have professional photographs taken as they play supermodel for the day.

In most cases, massage therapy and deep relaxation treatments can help the body restore itself naturally and may even reduce pain or discomfort that resulted from the surgery. Some surgeons even encourage patients to receive lymphatic massage which helps reduce swelling and eliminates water retention. However, all patients must be fully recovered before undergoing any type of vigorous body treatments.

Currently, the Indulgence Day packages are offered at the spa at the CityPoint Club in central London. Surgeons may soon begin referring patients to these types of programs as part of their post-recovery treatment.


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