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Patch Could Speed Up Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 13, 2008

Breast augmentation surgery is a relatively extensive procedure that often requires several weeks and months in recovery.

Most plastic surgeons who perform the procedure design a recovery plan for each patient and conduct several check-up visits to make sure all of the tissues and incisions are healing properly and that the patient is not experiencing too much discomfort after the procedure.

Pain and swelling are the most common side effects of the procedure, but a bioelectronics company has recently unveiled a topical patch and electromagnetic therapy treatment that may help to reduce pain substantially during the breast augmentation recovery period.

BioElectronics Corp. has created the Acti-Patch, a battery-operated device that delivers pulsating energy waves into the skin tissues and helps reduce the sensation of pain or discomfort after surgery.

Research and testing were conducted by Dr. Barry Eppley for a period of 12 months.  Dr. Eppley tested the Acti-Patch on 48 women who were undergoing breast augmentation; almost 73 percent of women reported less pain and discomfort on the breast that had received ActiPatch therapy, and 21 percent reproted that there was no effect whatsoever with the treatment.  6 percent of the test subjects reported that the pain actually increased as a result of the Acti-Patch treatement.

Electromagnetic therapy has been used for several years as an alternative healing method, and offers a number of benefits for those who do not wish to rely on pain medication and drugs to get through their recovery period after surgery.  Dr. Eppley explains that the ActiPatch may also have a psychotherapetuic effect because it helps increase feelings of well-being and significantly reduces the severity of the discomfort.

ActiPatch is currently undergoing FDA evaluation to be approved as a postsurgical healing product, and may soon be be made available over the counter.


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