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Revance Continues Research of Topical Botox Alternative

Posted by Cosmetic Surgery Review on December 11, 2008

revanceEven though Botox continues to be one of the most sought after minimally-invasivie cosmetic procedures for both men and women, some people do experience a significant amount of discomfort from the procedure.  Botox injections can help to erase wrinkles and deep grooves on the forehead, fill out hollowed facial compartments and create a more youthful appearance.

However, the injection does have some side effects including redness, puffiness, light bruising and in some cases, can trigger an adverse reaction on the skin.

Revance Therapeutics has recently received $8 Million in funding to continue researching a topical alternative to botulinum toxin.

The biopharmaceutical company first began its Phase Ib clinical trail of a proprietary botulinum toxin type A gel in November 2006, and studied how this gel could be absorbed into the skin to achieve lasting skin-tightening results.  Now, the company will continue with its next phase of testing and research to determine the exact quantity needed to achieve results that are similar to the traditional Botox injection, and what areas of the face may be most responsive to this type of topical treatment.

Revance is conducting preliminary studies of the RT001 product using its proprietary TransMTS technology. The Revance website reports that RT001 is an investigational product still in its clinical stages, an it is also undergoing the FDA approval process.

Using a gel instead of receiving an injection may be a convenient and more versatile alternative for thousands of men and women interested in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles.  While there are hundreds of wrinkle removal and skin tightening products available over the counter, most cannot absorb readily into the skin to create a lasting difference.

A Botox gel could help many of the 11 million+ consumers interested in anti-wrinkle treatments achieve results with an alternative to the injectable.

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One Response to “Revance Continues Research of Topical Botox Alternative”

  1. I enjoyed the article. It reminds me of, Dr. Perricone’s book, “The Wrinkle Cure.” It was a very good read. It outlines the use of nutritional supplements to improve the skins elasticity, loss of which, is directly responsible for wrinkles.

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